native american.
dont expect too much.
im a waste of time, space, and everything in between.
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Cats do not like fruits

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From dreams I’ve had, a dream is all I have…

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Disney paintings by Thomas Kinkade

See more at http://www.thomaskinkade.com

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Uh duh.

What was that?

POCS were thriving and had expansive civilizations BEFORE white people came,colonized everything, and “discovered them”?


Go read the source article. And if you haven’t, go read “1491” by Charles Mann. Indigenous people in the Amazon actually found a way to farm that instead of wearing out the soil, actually IMPROVED it with extensive farming. It’s called terra preta and no one has been able to replicate it (not even living indigenous people), and if it were to become replicable it could have enormous impact on agriculture worldwide. #indigenoustechftw

Charles Mann states that for a long time (and still today) outsiders have thought of Amazonian Indian people as “remnants” of the most “primitive” state of humanity, when in fact evidence increasingly points to the idea that modern Amazonian indigenous ways of life are the result of massive upheaval in the face colonizing disease, warfare, land theft, and general genocide. That, effectively, modern Amazonian indigenous people are living in the aftermath of what probably looked a lot like an apocalypse to them.

Which, well, no duh. 

are you sure it wasn’t some alien technology that let them farm sustainably before the White Men came & showed them how to civilised?

White people theworld didnt start with your invasion

I also read that the Amazon is just a giant garden. In other words, IT’S MAN MADE!!!! THE PEOPLE CREATED A STABLE ECOSYSTEM!!!! THEY WERE FUCKING GENIUSES. Read it here and here

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He is the perfect dude.

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